Easy Meatballs & Gravy

Who doesn't love meatballs right? Everyone seems to have a different way of doing them and so do I. This was originally a recipe for Salsbury steak in gravy but my steaks would always turn into balls and I also used to use french onion soup and it was very very rich (also weirdly hard to find in England), I didn't vibe it too much. With this recipe, I make a tomatoey gravy all using soups, it's super easy (because I cheat). So if you want some simple easy recipe come join me.


(Serves 4) 

Minced Pork- 500g is good but you can also use Minced beef, hell use both if you wanna be wild, but any minced meat will do

Carrots- 2 big ones

Celery- 2 Sticks

Egg- 1

Salt- 2 pinches, is that how you measure salt?

Pepper- 2tspn if you like peppery meatballs use more or less it's all up to preference.

Garlic Powder- 2tspn

Chicken Powder- 2tspn

Dried Oregano- 2tspn

Maggie Seasoning Sauce- A few Splashes, this stuff is the one but it's pretty strong use sparingly

Oxtail Soup- 1 Can any meaty soup can is good like minestrone is fine aswell

Tomato Soup- 1 Can you could also just double up on Oxtail if you like or double up on Tomato its all up to you, use any soups you like

Flour- 2tbsp this is for if your meatball mixture gets too lose


1. Start off by peeling, chopping and dicing the carrots and the celery too then put them into a bowl with the pork.

2. Now crack an egg into the bowl along with a pinch of salt, 1tspn of pepper, 1tspn of garlic powder, 1tspn of chicken powder, 1tspn of oregano, a dash of maggie sauce and 1/8 of a can of oxtail soup.

3. Get your hands stuck in there and mix around and combine everything in the bowl, if the meatball mixture seems a little bit lose add the flour now just to get everything together.

4. After that, you've done the meatballs and we can move onto the gravy soup or whatever you want to call it. In a big pan put the rest of the oxtail soup and any other soup you have and another 2 cans worth of water, then add the rest of the powders (pretty much everything you put into the meatballs put into the pan) and bring to boil.

5. Once the soup starts boiling get 2 big spoons and quenelle big meatballs into the soup, you could also just make them with your hands but I don't want to get my hands dirty. You Should get around 5-7 big meatballs or lots and lots of little ones, it's up to you really.

6. Once the meatballs are in the pan lower the heat, pop a lid on the pan and leave it to simmer for 30 minutes and stir occasionally but don't stir too much you'll break the balls.

7. After 30 minutes remove the lid and reduce that baby down for as long as you like until you get your desired thickness for sweet sweet gravy. When it's the thickness you want to serve in a bowl and enjoy!