Potato Fishcake

This week I am making Potato Fishcakes, my friend originally made this recipe for me after we went out drinking and getting steaming drunk. He decided he was going to fry up some fishcakes when we got back in and they were surprisingly good! This proves how easy it is even after a night of getting blasted you can do it! 


1. 3- Potatoes, large potatoes of any kind

2. 1- Large Onion 
3. 260g- Salmon, skinless and boneless are best if it isn't then de-bone and skin them

4. 1- Egg 
5. 2tsp- Salt
6. 2tsp- Pepper
7. 1tbsp- Garlic Powder 

8. 3- Bulb of Spring Onions I think that's what you refer to it as?


1. Start off by peeling and grating the potatoes

2. Once the potatoes are all peeled get a cheesecloth or just use your hands either works and try to squeeze as much liquid as you can out of them and put the potato into a bowl.

3. Now peel and grate the onion into the bowl of potato.

4. Next, chop up the spring onions and put into the bowl.

5. Now, chop up the salmon into decent-sized chunks and put that into the bowl along with the salt, pepper, garlic powder and egg.

6. Mix all together.

7. Fill a pan with around 1cm of cooking oil and bring up to a medium-ish heat, you cant try dipping a chopstick into the oil and when bubbles come from the tip your oil is ready. 
8. When the oil is ready form the fishcake mixture into cakes? or patties whatever you want to call them with your hands then slowly lay them into the oil.

9. Fry until the edges go a nice golden brown colour then flip and your fishcakes are done when it is golden brown all over. Take them out of the pan and put them onto a rack or paper towel to dry the oil off and enjoy!