Thai Green Curry

Green curry it's a flipping classic, isn't it? Always a best-seller for my parents and it's so easy to make even the paste is reasonably easy but I'm lazy so I always go out and buy, it tastes almost the same without the effort of pounding loads of spices and still reminds me of home (all Thai food reminds me of home to be fair.)

In this recipe, I'll show you how to make a very quick and easy Thai green curry, I mean you could use any Thai curry paste with this method and it'll yield the same results so enjoy!


(Serves 4)

Chicken Thighs- 6

Green Curry Paste- 2tbsp this is the real money maker and realistically we're not going to be making the paste fresh that's a lot of effort I'm not willing to put in

Coconut Milk- 2 cans any brand will do

Fish Sauce- 2tbsp I would preferably get the Thai one but any will do except the Vietnamese one it's way too strong

Kaffir Lime Leaves- 4 Leaves get some aromatics in there!

Baby Sweetcorn- 6 individual Baby Corns?

Mangetout- 1 handful should do

Cherry Tomatoes- 10 get that tang

Oyster Mushrooms- 5 any mushrooms will work, to be honest, I just love these oysters  

Bamboo Shoots- 1/2 a can these should already be chopped in the can but if not chop these into bite-size pieces


1. Start off by tearing the oyster mushrooms into smaller more bite-size pieces, also chop the baby sweetcorn, halves the tomatoes and put all into a bowl together along with the whole mangetout.

2. Now score the chicken thighs and we're ready to get cooking.

3. Firstly get the pan up to a med/high heat and open the cans of coconut milk and open and drain out the bamboo shoots, then add the curry paste along with 1/4 can of coconut milk, mix it and leave to cook through a bit and thicken.

4. Once the sauce has thickened put in your chicken and move it around making sure every bit is covered in curry.

5. After chicken is covered put in the kaffir lime leaves, the rest of the coconut milk cans, the fish sauce and the vegetables and tomatoes and bamboo shoots put in everything really, you could also add some sugar for a sweeter curry or chillies for a more spicy one. I prefer leaving it untouched.

6. When everything is in, mix and leave to stew until the chicken is cooked or for 40 minutes then you're done!