Chorizo Gnocchi

Gnocchi is a great potato pasta thing that you can make with the littlest ingredients (just potato flour & eggs) it's super tasty and super easy, it's pretty quick too considering we're doing it all from scratch. I first made this dish when weirdly enough I just had potatoes and chorizo and I didn't want to fry it all together with everything in the kitchen for hash, so I did what anyone else would do and google what I can do with potatoes and gnocchi was the answer.

These pillowy pasta bits and a rich, creamy, cheesy, pesto chorizo sauce will be a perfect evening meal, real comforting. Also a word of warning this will be quite a heavy dish so perhaps not for lunch as you will need a good nap afterward.


3- Large Potatoes 

1- Egg 

1 1/2 Cups-  Flour 1 cup for the gnocchi and 1/2 for rolling and incase 1 cup isn't enough for the potato to form a dough  

2tsp- Salt

1tsp- Pepper

1 cup- cream any cream will do as long as it's like a liquid init

70g- Parmesan cheese 

100g- Literally any other cheese you like, I personally enjoy using cheddar or even stilton or blue, but mozzarella is good too or anything it's down to preference

1tsp- Chicken powder

1tbsp- Red Pesto

200g- Chorizo 


1. You can start off by peeling the potatoes and putting them into a pan, fill with 1tsp of salt and cold water then bring up to boil. Your potatoes will be done when you pierce them with a knife and when you try to pick them up they'll easily slide off.

2. Once the potatoes are finished drain them and while still hot rice them up or mash them it makes no difference and lay them out to let the moisture steam out of them. 

3. After the potatoes have cooled down enough to touch add 1/2 a cup of flour then egg and 1tsp of salt and 1tsp of pepper then mix/ knead together until it forms a dough or ball keep adding another 1/2 cup of flour if the potato mixture is still to wet. 

4. When the mixture has formed a dough ball, flour your work surface a lil and cut your ball into quarters and roll the quarters out with your hands into long sausages and chop the sausages up into what will look like soft little pillows. I'd say each quarter would be about 1 portion chop all those up too and once you've boiled and cooked them again you can freeze them and save em for a rainy day. Also at this point, you can shape the little gnocchi pillows but I prefer to leave them is a lot of effort shaping each individual piece. 

5. Now bring a large pan with water init to a boil, while the pan is getting up to temperature you can grate the cheeses. Once the water is boiling add the gnocchi a little at a time and as soon as they have started to float they'll be done and take them out with a slotted spoon, it literally takes seconds if the water is hot enough. 

6. When all your gnocchi have become floaters and is cooked and drained we can make a cheesy sauce to go with it. Begin with slicing up your chorizo and putting it into a dry pan on medium heat, we're trying to get the oils out. 

7. As soon as the oil comes out of the chorizo add the cream, pesto, and chicken powder and mix all together. When the pesto cream starts to boil add the cheeses you have chosen and continuously mix until it all becomes one super thick cheesy sauce. Finally, add your gnocchi turn off the heat and mix everything in nicely and you're done!