Thai Coffee Jelly

Coffee jelly a favourite dessert in Thailand to beat the heat. Consisting of coffee jelly bottom and a milky top layer of jelly its a tasty and easy dessert to make, plus I'm using agar-agar instead of gelatin for my setting agent so it's veggie too if you use coconut milk you could also make it vegan with a bit more Asian flare. I'd always have this at Thai food festivals to remind me of home and keep me wired throughout the day too haha.


2tbsp- of Thai coffee, to be honest, this works great with any coffee instant or ground it doesn't matter!

2-3tsp- Agar-agar, use this stuff sparingly

1/2can- condensed milk

1/2can evaporated milk

1tbsp- Sugar


 1. Begin with making your cup of coffee, with my Thai coffee, I would put the coffee into a cheesecloth (use a coffee press or strainer if you have one) and put into a bowl then get water to just before a boil and put into the bowl with a coffee bag.

2. While the coffee is brewing, fill a saucepan with 1cup of water and add the agar-agar, bring it to a boil and keep mixing once the agar-agar has dissolved remove the bag of coffee mix and add the agar-agar water and mix if around and fill a dish halfway with the contents and now leave it to set. normally agar-agar sets at around room temp so it shouldn't take too long. If the agar-agar isn't setting at room temp then pour the coffee back into the pan with another tsp of agar-agar and bring to a rapid boil before pouring once again into the dish.

3. Once the jelly has set run a fork through it leaving the sides until you've created loads of little jelly pebbles, this is just for decoration so there's a lil pattern in the coffee jelly you don't have to do this.

4. Now in a saucepan heat up the condensed milk and evaporated milk together mixing to combine. After the mixture starts to bubble put in 1tsp of agar-agar bring it to a high boil while continuously mixing when it reaches a rapid boil pour it onto the coffee jelly and leave to set once at room temperature and set the jelly is ready to eat!