Hangover Budae Jjigae With Samyang

If you have a Korean friend would they make you a delicious spicy red stew of process meats, cheese, tofu, and eggs when you're hungover? If not are they really your friend, my Korean Friend did! Budae Jjigae or spicy sausage stew or Army Stew is amazing and oh so simple.

I made it for my New Years Breakfast while extremely hungover and barely functioning you can pretty much add anything and everything to it including baked beans, I know it's bloody crazy but it's such a vibe. Normally This is made with Kimchi and Gochujang but I don't normally have those ready in my cupboard so I'll be using the ever so popular Samyang fire chicken noodles.


(Serves 2-4)

2 Packs- Samyang Fire Chicken Noodles Stew Version 

4- Oyster Mushrooms 

100g - Leftover Hotpot Beef, any meat will do you're hungover don't be fussy 

1/2 can- Spam 

4- Hotdogs 

6- Meatballs 

150g-  Silken Tofu

4- spring onions 


1 can- Baked Beans 

4 Squares- American cheese


1. Start off by chopping up your Mushrooms roughly and putting them into a pan. 

2. Now cut your meat into chunks and put into pan as well, then slice the spam into little rectangles and cut the hotdogs into thirds then at the bottom of the hotdogs slice a cross into each one so when they cook it'll become like a little octodog! Put all those into the pan as well along with the meatballs.

3. Take your Silken Tofu and cut into cubs and carefully put them into the pan too as they will break.

4. Finally, add the full can of bean this will help a lil with the heat and trust me it works! 

5. Now it's time to open the noodle packs put in the noodles and the red Samyang sauce into pan fill with water then bring to boil and cook until noodles and if using raw meat are cooked.

6. Once the noodles and meat are cooked at in your eggs and put the cheese on top, chop your spring onions add that ontop too just to barely cook and it'll add a little more colour to this deep red stew and add the remaining powder from the Samyang packet take it off the heat and you're done! Enjoy and Recover from that New Years Hangover!