Nam Tok/ Waterfall Beef (Like Larb) Or Just Thai Beef Salad

Nam Tok, waterfall beef or Thai beef salad whatever you want to call it is always a simple go-to meal for my mum when we were growing up, with my mum being from the Isan(North-East) part of Thailand it was always the best. This dish is also pretty much a twin of Laab or Larb, the only real difference is that you fry or grill meat instead of boiling ground meats.

I think the dish originates from around there or Laos or one of those countries. It is extremely easy and doesn't make much to make also most of the ingredients are dry so if you can get the powdered variants you can save a few steps. Let's go!


(serves 2) 

220g- Sirloin Steak or any steak will do hell even lamb Nam Tok is a favourite of mine or Pork Shoulder

2tbsp- Glutinous Rice or Sticky rice, same thing or if you can find roasted glutinous rice powder in an Asian supermarket then brilliant! 

1tbsp- Garlic Powder 

1tbsp- Thai Chilli powder or flakes if you cant find Thai use any but you might need to add more as Thai chilli powder is so god damn strong. 

1- Lime 

3- Sprigs of mint 

Fish Sauce- it's all down to taste so use as much or as little as you like 

3- Sprigs of Spring Onions 

1- Medium Onion or a few shallots either will work 

1tbsp- Corriander Seeds but if you can find the powder then use that


1. Start off by lightly roasting the rice until golden brown on the low/med heat, while this is happening you can prepare the rest of the ingredients unless you have the powder then skip this step. 

2. Now Peel and thinly slice the onion and put into a bowl, you can also chop up your spring onions and put into the same bowl and take the leaves off the mint stems and put that into the same bowl also. 

3. Now thinly slice your steak as thin as possible and by this point your rice should be golden brown so you can empty the pan into a pestle & mortar and grind that stuff up until almost a powder stop just before it becomes dust. Alternatively, you could just use a blender and put it through for a few seconds and set aside. 

4. Grind up your coriander seeds too until they are a powder (If you have coriander powder then skip this step).

5. Now quickly fry your steak in a high heat pan and as soon as it starts to brown put it all on top of the onions and mint and leave to rest. 

6. Finally, it's time to add the rest of the ingredients into the bowl. Add the 1tbsp chilli powder, 1tbsp garlic powder, 2tbsp of rice powder, 1tbsp of coriander powder, juice of a lime and fish sauce normally 3tbsp is around what I'd use but to be honest it's all about taste so you can mess around with different amounts of everything to get it perfect to your own pallet. Mix all everything together and you're done!